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Rocky Mountain National Park Moonlight Hikes

stars over mountains
moonlight through trees
Moonlight and stars during guided hike in mountains by open air adventure park.
Moonlight over Rocky Mountain National park

Trip Highlights:

Starry View Point

Sweeping Mountain Scenery

Hot Drinks Included

All Ages

Backpacks available at no charge

Trip Description:

Join us on a captivating nocturnal adventure amidst the rugged beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park with our moonlight hiking tours. Against the backdrop of the Rockies, these guided excursions are carefully picked to immerse you in the serene beauty of the wilderness under the luminous glow of the moon.

Our moonlight hikes offer a rare opportunity to explore the park during one of its quietest and most magical times. With limited trips available, you’ll have the privilege of experiencing the tranquility of the wilderness undisturbed by crowds.

Traverse the trails as our expert guides lead you to secluded vantage points where the absence of artificial light creates an unparalleled stargazing experience. Marvel at the vast expanse of the night sky as countless stars twinkle overhead in a breathtaking celestial display.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of a moonlit hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Book your adventure today!

To book a guided moonlight tour, email us at or call us at 970-586-3066.

Check Availability

$80-$125 PER PERSON

Season: April-November
moonlight hike infographic for Rocky Mountain national Park by Open Air Adventure Park

Trip Details:

What's Included

  • Time Entry Pass
  • Hiking Equipment (if needed)
    • Backpack
    • Trekking Poles
    • Poncho
    • Headlamp
  • Hot Drinks
  • Dinner (on our sunset dinner hike)
  • Trained Guides with years of experience and extensive knowledge of Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Emergency Equipment (guides carry)

What's Not Included

  • Entry Fee (this is separate from the timed entry pass we provide)
  • Transportation (our tours cost less than others due to the savings on transportation)
  • Water
  • Appropriate Hiking Clothes
    • Synthetic Clothing if Possible
    • Sturdy Hiking Shoes (no sandals, tennis shoes, etc…)
  • Guide Gratuity


Hikes can be scheduled 7 days a week depending on guide availability. Evenings are typically spectacular as the afternoon thunderstorms move out.


We Primarily offer weekday guided hikes as the weekend evenings tend to be extremely busy with Elk viewing.


During the Winter, we shift to snowshoe trips instead of guided hikes. We typically take off December from offering any trips.


We offer limited availability of sunset hikes due to fickle spring weather in the National Park.