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Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial Adventure Park

Who is this adventure designed for?

All of our challenges are carefully thought through and designed to provide an engaging challenge that is not based on age or fitness. A smaller child will often treat every challenge as a mini zip line, instead of balancing, swinging and climbing through our course. Older participants will fully engage our challenges that range from easy to very hard. It is rare for us to have guests that we cannot engage to the level and challenge that they want.
Team building Ropes course at Open Air Adventure Park in Estes Park, CO


years old (age minimum)
minimum lbs.
maximum lbs.

Standing flat-footed with arms extended above your head, you must be able to reach 6’; children 6 years old and up may participate on the course as long as they are accompanied by someone 16 or older.

  • Under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult unless waived by a staff.
  • Must wear closed toed shoes
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Must wear pants or shorts
  • Must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • No camera or phone unless secured by wrist strap or have a securable pocket
  • Not recommended for women who are pregnant or for those with heart conditions.
  • Must pass ground school and orientation, follow all safety rules and use equipment as directed.

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How much does it cost?

How Much Does it Cost?

I know, I know, you were hoping it would be free. We charge $41 for general admission and $29 for children who can't reach 6'. Discounts are available for groups and certain types of visitors.

What if I am afraid of heights?

What if I am afraid of heights?

Passing out, sort of afraid of heights? This might not be the best adventure for you. Sort of nervous but want to try, afraid? Our first level is only at 10' and serves as a great warm up to get used to heights before adventuring higher.

Are staff on the course with me?

Are staff on the course with me?

Yes! Our staff are available to encourage, challenge, and when the need arises help you through those moments of exhaustion and fear. The best way to think of us, is as support, but you will still be the one who is in charge of deciding what challenges to do and transferring yourself between them.

Do I have to make a reservation?

Do I have to make a reservation?

If you are on a schedule, reservations are highly recommended. More of a fly by the seat of your pants' person? You can walk in and hope we have openings for a tour that day.

Are you open in the rain?

Are you open in the rain?

If you are game for playing in the rain, so are we! As long there is no nearby lightning or torrential downpour, we will stay open.

What time should I arrive?

What time should I arrive?

We ask all participants to arrive 15 minutes before your tour starts. This gives you time to sign waivers, use restrooms, etc...

What am I connected to?

What am I connected to?

All participants are connected to a cable that has an, 11000 lb. breaking strength using a connection system that prevents you from fully unclipping.

How old do you have to be?

How old do you have to be?

We can provide a fun challenge to anyone 6 and up. Afraid it won't be challenging enough or too challenging? We have difficulty levels for everyone!

Refund Policy

Plans change. We get it! Thats why we offer a hassle free, full refund if you give us a 24-hour notice. Inside of 24 hours, we can have a hard time filling that slot, so unfortunately, we can’t offer a refund at that point.

For kayaking, we require a 72-hour notice for a full refund. Unfortunately, inside of 72 hours, it is very challenging for us to fill that tour spot. For peace of mind, we also offer a program called Peek Protect, offered through our 3rd party booking system. For a small fee, it insures your tour, so you can cancel and get a full refund with a 24 hour notice.

Scared out of my mind refund policy

So, you decided to give this adventure at heights thing a go. Butttttt, your progress stopped the moment you stood on our first platform and are now death gripping the nearest non-moving object to you. Guess what, we will not penalize you (too much) for being deathly afraid of heights. If you never make it off the first platform, and are desperate to come back down, we will give you a 50% refund.

Lightning refund policy

Since we are big fans of not having any of our guests being struck by lightning, we have a fairly strict lightning policy. If lightning comes within 10 miles from us, we will shut the course down until the lightning leaves our 10-mile radius.

Depending on how long you have been on the course, we have a few refund options.

Option 1: If you just got on the course, or haven’t even finished your orientation, a full refund is in order if you are unable to reschedule.

Option 2: So you finished your orientation, got through ground school, but have over 30 minutes left on the course, we will either give you a 50% refund or a rain check that never expires for another full tour.

Option 3: If you are on the course with 30 or fewer minutes left, we can reschedule you to come another time, or give you a rain check that never expires for a future visit. However, there will be no refund.


Other Questions?

Use our chatbot on the lower right of the screen to answer just about any question you can come up with!

Learn more about ax throwing, the aerial adventure park, or kayaking by going to their pages.

Give us a call at 970.586.3066 or email, and we’ll gladly go over all the details with you prior to your visit.


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