About US

Open Air Adventure Park is the result of many years of hard work, heartache and endurance. The idea was born when Tim attended a conference put on by an organization known as the Association of Challenge Course Technology, where the idea of aerial adventure parks was introduced. Tim had spent over 10 years building, installing and training people on ropes courses and ziplines. Reaching exhaustion from the travel and wanting to be home with his growing family, the idea of creating an adventure that he loves was intriguing.

He brought the idea to his wife Catherine and his in-laws Jim and Amy. They loved the idea, so the process of Open Air began. We battled high ground water, excavators who lost their license, changes in builders and a delayed construction time. After all was said and done we finally opened our doors in May of 2014. The challenges where worth it, when we got to see the first smiles on our course. 

What we strive for in our operations is to provide excellent customer service that leaves our customers feeling valued.  We take such joy in a guest overcoming a fear of heights, watching family and friends play together, and see memories created that endure long after our guests return home. Learn more about our adventure!


Meet the family

Picture of the Kreutzer family. One of the families that created Open Air Adventure Park in Estes Park, CO.


Tim and Catherine Kreutzer and their children moved to Estes Park in 2014 to start Open Air Adventure Park. Tim is the main mastermind behind the park and Catherine helps with all kinds of behind the scenes work. They have both worked as guides and challenge course facilitators and are passionate about enjoying and exploring the outdoors


Jim and Amy are Catherine’s parents and have been the force behind getting Open Air Adventure Park off the ground. Jim has extensive experience in management and leadership and Amy is our main networking aficionado. They love Estes Park and are excited to be a part of the wonderful community.